African History is the missing piece of World History echoes Professor  Yaa-Lengi Ngemi, translator of the book Civilization or Barbarism: An Authentic Anthropology by Chieke Anta Drop.

            In the introduction of this book, Drop states:

Insofar as Egypt is the distant mother of Western cultures and sciences... [M]ost of the ideas that we call foreign are oftentimes nothing but mixed up, reversed, modified, elaborate images of the creation of our African ancestors, such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, dialectics, the theory of being, the exact sciences, arithmetic, geometry, mechanical engineering, astronomy, medicine, literature, (novel, poetry, drama [alphabet]), architecture, the arts, etc.4

            Despicable, disrespectful, intentionally shameful, designed to kill the confidence and world-wide respect for the African, African-American and true World perspective and understanding; Scientific Racism has been used by insecure, false history developing and spreading liars, thieves and murderers; false historians.

            Armed with scholastic degree upon degree, publication control and endless monetary backing; these PhDs and Western Diplomatic servants mis-used/ab-used their control and purposely mislead, lied to the world with the goal of co-opting responsibility for the invention/primary development  of Civilization and stealing respect of African persons partly to justify pillaging and raping African people, land, culture and spirituality.

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